Lake Austin

Spend your morning water-skiing and your evenings by the firepit as you enjoy the sunsets that awash the water in shimmering delight.

Welcome to Lake Austin

An oasis of serenity, luxury, and beauty, set against a backdrop of enchanting waterfront views

Lake Austin, full of elegance and allure, exudes a sense of tranquility, nestled against the majestic and picturesque waterfront that serves as the area's defining feature. Grand and yet unpretentious, it's a place where everyday is both serene and fun. The stately homes reflect the calm and composed surroundings, where life moves at a more peaceful pace, allowing residents to fully embrace the luxuries of their environment. Here, one can find a seamless blend of sophistication and natural beauty, making it a coveted location for those seeking a balanced lifestyle.

What to Love

  • Regarded as a solid investment
  • Oasis of calm and nature escapes
  • Prestigious and scarce real estate
  • Properties offer privacy and are in high demand

Local Lifestyle

The Lake Austin waterfront area is synonymous with a lifestyle of grace and ease. While grand in appearance, the neighborhood shies away from pretentiousness. Living here means being part of an exclusive community that values both the finer things in life and the natural beauty that surrounds them. It’s where opulence meets simplicity, all at the very desirable waterfront of Lake Austin.

Dining and Entertainment

Lake Austin's Ski Shores is more than a restaurant; it's an experience. The lakeside setting offers a relaxing ambiance, and the wide array of culinary delights ensures every palate is catered to. Enjoy the live music and breathtaking views as you indulge in a memorable dining experience.

At Mozart's Coffee Roasters, elegance and comfort come together. The coffee shop provides a tranquil setting overlooking a serene lake and serves an extensive range of beverages that are sure to satisfy your coffee cravings. It's the perfect spot for a leisurely break from the daily grind.

A visit to Hula Hut promises a fusion of tropical delights. The waterfront view enhances the vibrant atmosphere, and the blend of Hawaiian and Mexican flavors provides an exotic culinary journey. It's a destination that embodies fun and flavor.

County Line BBQ stands as a testament to authentic Texas cuisine. The rustic charm and friendly service complement the perfectly smoked meats that have made this place a local favorite. It's a true taste of Texan tradition and a must-visit for BBQ enthusiasts.

Things to Do

Lake Austin is a gorgeous neighborhood with plenty of things to do for its residents and visitors. Apart from simply enjoying the spectacular views that lakeside attractions provide, you can hang out at Emma Long Park, which even has family-friendly camping spots available. Imagine waking up right on the beach — it’s what dreams are made of!

The lake’s 22 miles end at Mansfield Dam, which is the coldest and clearest spot in the whole lake. And because it’s a little secluded, it’s rare to see other boaters in the area. Head to Mansfield Dam on a hot summer day and the shock of cold water will refresh you.

Lake Austin truly is a neighborhood like no other, combining opulence, nature, and community in a setting that has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. It's a place where luxury is a lifestyle, not just an appearance. Whether dining, exploring, or simply living, Lake Austin promises a uniquely luxurious experience.
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