Our Comprehensive Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell Your Next Home

Our Comprehensive Real Estate Marketing Plan to Sell Your Next Home

  • Bridget Ramey
  • 02/28/24

Navigating the intricate process of selling a home demands more than a mere transaction; it necessitates a meticulously crafted strategy, particularly in today's highly competitive real estate market. Recognizing the significance of a well-defined approach, we prioritize developing a comprehensive marketing plan beyond conventional methods. Our goal is to maximize your property's visibility and strategically allure the right buyers who will appreciate its unique features.

In the following guide, we are excited to take you on a detailed journey through our real estate marketing plan, a carefully designed roadmap tailored to guarantee a successful and financially rewarding sale for your property.

Custom Marketing Plan with Bridget + Sotheby’s

Together with Sotheby’s International, Bridget provides each client with a tailored marketing and branding approach informed by years of experience.

Professional Photography and Videography

Our marketing plan starts with creating an impactful online presence for your property. This includes professional photography, virtual tours, and a dedicated property website. We leverage high-quality images to showcase your home's best features and use virtual tours to provide a more immersive experience for potential buyers.

Sotheby’s International Realty Property Syndication

In today’s digital age, most homebuyers begin their home search online. Once a home is showcased on sothebysrealty.com, it is exclusively marketed to our global property marketing partners. That list includes real estate-centric websites, over 100 affiliates worldwide, and the most authoritative voices in news, lifestyle, and finance.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for reaching a broad audience. We craft targeted social media campaigns to promote your property across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. These campaigns include eye-catching visuals, engaging content, and strategic use of hashtags to increase visibility. By harnessing the reach of social media, we ensure that your property is seen by potential buyers who may have yet to encounter it through traditional channels.

You can find Bridget now on her website, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

National Press Release Push

Bridget has exclusive access to motivated luxury buyers in Texas and beyond by partnering with the best in the business. Every outlet is accounted for via her expansive social media network, AI-targeted social media ads, and an award-winning PR firm.

Dedicated Property Website

Each listing has a curated title to perfectly encompass the home’s look and feel. This title is then used as inspiration for a completely custom website with home details, photos, videos, and more.

We implement a robust SEO strategy to enhance your property's visibility online. This involves optimizing the content on our website, property listings, and blog posts to rank higher in search engine results. This way, when potential buyers search for homes in your area, your property is more likely to appear at the top of the list.

Customized Print Materials

Bridget takes great pride in producing top-notch print marketing pieces: visually appealing brochures, flyers, and postcards help showcase your property. These materials are distributed strategically in the local community, at open houses, and in collaboration with other real estate professionals. Our goal is to leave a lasting impression on potential buyers digitally and in print.

Email Campaigns

Our comprehensive marketing plan includes targeted email campaigns to reach potential buyers and real estate professionals. We craft engaging newsletters that showcase your property's unique features, recent updates, and upcoming open houses. By building an exclusive mailing list of interested buyers and industry contacts, we create a network that actively receives updates on your property.

Print and Digital Advertising Exposure

Once best-in-class photos and videos are captured, Bridget places them in publications like Architectural Digest, Austin Monthly, Luxury Home Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, Tribeza, and more. The goal is to achieve the highest level of exposure for your listing, both locally and nationally — redefining luxury concierge service and what it can accomplish for your sale.

Bridget can feature your property in the following publications:

  • Austin Monthly delivers a guide to the best of Austin with thought-provoking reads on trends, ideas, and people; it pairs well with Bridget’s ethos.

  • RESIDE Magazine is produced in conjunction with Culture Shock Media; it features stories told in words and pictures by talented and creative individuals.

  • Society Texas covers style, philanthropy, society, design, culture, and people in modern Texas; it features sophisticated and polished lifestyle content.

  • Luxe Interiors + Design reaches an audience of the country’s leading architects, interior designers, builders, and home design professionals.

  • Tribeza is an Austin-focused magazine connecting educated and affluent tastemakers with a curated collection of art, culture, and style; their unique stories are penned by some of Austin’s most original voices.

  • Luxury Home Magazine (or “LHM”) wields unmatched exposure and influence across today’s most relevant and engaging real estate platforms; a world-class product with local market insights.

  • LAND is one of the nation’s largest rural property publications; its readership of 240,000 comprises high-end buyers seeking connections with top brokers, agents, and sellers.

Leverage the Sotheby’s Brand

The properties represented by the Sotheby’s network are exclusively featured in Sotheby’s auction house marketing programs, including high-profile client events. They are also showcased in their signature publications, digital newsletters, and website. The brand is uniquely local, yet its global reach connects sellers with qualified homebuyers worldwide.

Looking For an Agent? Work With Bridget Ramey

Bridget Ramey is a top real estate expert in Austin, managing a portfolio worth over $500 million since 2020. She's also a recipient of the Sotheby’s International Top 100 Agent award — a highly acclaimed accolade showcasing her dedication to helping clients reach their real estate dreams.

Bridget and her team create a bespoke, dynamic marketing plan for each home to ensure the ideal buyer demographic is being reached. Their white-glove service is powered by industry-leading creative, research, and strategy.

Working with Bridget, you can be sure your home benefits from the best marketing strategy.

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